Why do my emails keep on getting rejected?

We’ve had a couple of inquiries recently from users who informed us that their emails were repeatedly not sending to certain recipients. Remotely, we checked their email applications (Outlook, Mail App etc.) and the status of their email servers. Everything appeared to be fine. The only commonality with all these users was they all used random letters in their email username. In terms of email send-ability this is a big No No.

So, if you own a business and your name is John Ryan –  don’t ever be tempted insert to middle name initials in your email address.

In terms of spam filters – random letters in the middle of an email username are like a red rag to a bull. Spam filters will get triggered and will treat your emails as suspicious. And suspicious emails will get redirected to the recipient’s Spam folder or will get filtered upstream and won’t reach your intended recipient at all. When devising a new email address – keep it simple – don’t use random initials in your email address. While you might get away with one – use two and your emails will probably end up in a Spam folder somewhere.