Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Installation for Dublin financial services firm

A Dublin financial services firm recently contacted us with a Wi-Fi issue. The six users in their office, most of whom connected wirelessly to the internet, were experiencing intermittent Wi-Fi dropouts. Naturally, these would occur at the most inconvenient times such as when uploading files to their cloud server or during Zoom video conference calls. Moreover, there were some Wi-Fi dead spots in their building where coverage was poor or non-existent. We performed a wireless site survey. In some parts of their office building their download speeds were only 7.5 Mbps while their upload speeds were only .92 Mbps. These wireless connection speeds were sub-par.  Using an ethernet cable we connected a laptop directly to their Virgin Media modem-router – we got 121 Mbps download and 17.6 Mbps upload. These are fairly standard speeds for Virgin Media broadband in suburban Dublin. The broadband connection going into their building was not the problem.  It appeared to reside with their existing infrastructure. They were using a rather ancient Allied Telesis data switch and coupled with some equally old Linksys wireless G access points. This hardware was really not up to the job. Their existing CAT 5e cabling infrastructure appeared to be fine. But a solution had to be found.

We discussed their main requirements. They wanted a high-performance, reliable and secure network. We decided to install an Ubiquiti wireless network for them. Ubiquiti is a next generation wireless mesh network, which uses SDR (software defined networking) for management. A wireless mesh network blankets your office or home with wireless coverage. The access points (or nodes) all work in concert with each other. The UFO (or dome-shaped) UniFi access points can be wall or ceiling mounted. These AP’s deliver high-performance Wi-Fi using 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz bands. They are PoE (power-over-ethernet) enabled devices, meaning they get their power over LAN from the Ubiquiti PoE switch obviating the need for the access points to be near power sockets. In this case, we used a 16-port PoE Edgeswitch (150W). This device has a data throughput capability of 36 Gbit/s which is ideal for video streaming applications such as Zoom. We deployed 5 UAP-AC-PRO access points to give maximum performance. The same SSID and password can be used throughout the network. Ubiquiti access points use WPA2 encryption. This is all managed by a UniFi security gateway which acts as the controller.

The main benefits of an Ubiquiti Wi-Fi network include:

Corporate-grade high-performance, secure Wi-Fi, but without the corporate price tag.

A Ubiquiti network is easily expandable. More access points can be added as your requirements change.

Ubiquiti can manage multiple SSIDs and VLANs with ease. This makes network segregation and guest access easy.

No recurring license fees – Some wireless hardware equipment manufacturers (like Aruba and Meraki) charge a license fee every year. With Ubiquiti, it’s just a one-off charge.

After installation and testing, the staff road tested the new network for themselves. They were over-joyed with the fast and reliable performance. There was no longer any wireless dropouts and their Zoom video conferencing worked smoothly and without lag. Files could be uploaded to their file server reliably and quickly. There were now in Wi-Fi heaven…

RealClear IT provides an Ubiquiti wireless (Wi-Fi) network installation and troubleshooting service for both business and residential customers in Dublin. We can configure your Ubiquiti (UniFi) network to work seamlessly with your broadband provider whether that be Virgin Media, Eir, Vodafone or Sky. Enjoy secure, high-performance and reliable Wi-Fi today!