Set-up of Wireless Network for Busy Dublin Dental Practice.

The ability to quickly and securely share files between employees can lead to enhanced productivity in your business.  Even in 2019, there are still businesses in Dublin where team members email files to each or worse still, using a USB drive for file sharing. Not only is this messy and time consuming, it’s insecure.

Last week RealClear helped a busy North Dublin dental practice overcome a file sharing problem – in this case it was the sharing of x-ray images. They were using a non-networked x-ray machine. Every time their dentists needed to examine patient x-ray images, a dental nurse had to visit the x-ray room, download the image from the machine, put it on a small slide file and bring it into one of the surgery rooms. While this process was only taking around 10-12 minutes per patient, cumulatively it was wasting over 90 minutes a day. Time which could have been spent on more billable work. They needed a better solution.

The Challenge

First of all, they invested in a new TCP/IP network-able Carestream dental X-ray machine which could be attached to a server. This means that, given the right set-up, they could make images directly viewable from all workstations in their 3 surgery rooms. The only problem now was they did not have a) a network infrastructure in place b) a server to attach to their new x-ray system to and c) did not have any workstations in any of their surgeries.


After discussing their objectives and workflows in more detail,RealClear recommended a suitable Windows 10 Lenovo server and three Lenovo workstations running Windows 10 Pro. They were happy to procure this hardware themselves using one of our recommended suppliers. We then set them up with a hybrid network (wired and wireless). Because their x-ray room was lead-lined, the wireless connection between it and their router was severely attenuated with data packet loss rates of up to 25%.  So, we ran a CAT 6 LAN cable from their x-ray room to the reception area where their router was located. (This reduced packet loss to zero) The rest of their network was configured to work wirelessly employing WPA2-Enterprise encryption. (For additional security, their “Guest Wi-Fi” was isolated from their main production network). On their new server, we mapped the folder containing x-ray images making the patient images accessible from each workstation with just one click.  


The team at the surgery cannot believe how they put up with the old setup for so long! Their process for taking patient x-rays has been completely transformed. Without the file sharing network, it was a time-consuming ritual, now it can be done in a snap.  Moreover, staff can easily reference old x-ray images more quickly. The new network has made their workflows smoother with their staff having more time to serve their patients in a more efficient and time-effective way.