How to Archive Old Apple Mail Emails



Many Mac users have been contacting us lately experiencing a problem with Apple Mail being slow. In all of these cases, the problem could be attributed to their mailstore folder being too big. Most of these users have been using Apple Mail for the past four or five years, their mail folders were bursting to the seams with old emails. But here is the rub. They cannot just delete these old emails because all of these clients (bar one) is obliged to keep them under new GDPR regulations.

Manual Solution

You can manually backup Apple Mail by right-(control)-clicking your Inbox and wait for the Archive Mailbox option to pop-up. It will ask you for a location and your mails will be backed up in .mbox format. This works but is a process most users might not remember or have the time to perform frequently enough.

Automated Solution

Thankfully, you can download Mail Backup X from InventPure software which will do the donkey work for you. This application will archive your emails as soon as they arrive.


Apple Mail, when not choked with emails, will work much faster and smoother. Moreover, with a smaller size mail store foler the risk of .mbox database is also reduced.