Mac Upgrades make Workflow Easier for Dublin Management Consultancy.

iMacs upgraded with the latest SSD technology mean they run significantly faster

RealClear was recently helping a Dublin management consultancy firm with their slow Apple desktop computers. Their 2013 iMacs were running macOS Mojave but were just crawling along and were proving a real productivity killer. For instance, when booting up, the progress bar at the Apple logo screen would take longer to load than the time it took for a kettle to boil. In fact, you could probably have boiled the kettle and have fully imbibed your favourite hot beverage by the time these systems fully booted up. And when they did eventually start, they were molasses slow. Applications ran with the same speed as a traffic jam on Dublin’s M50 on a Friday afternoon of a bank holiday weekend after an accident. Searches in Finder would be glacial, application icons would bounce in the Dock more times than a teenybopper at a Justin Bieber concert. Moreover, their iMacs kept freezing and there were more “spinning wheels” on display than at the Isle of Man TT.  They would frequently have to resort to using the Force Quit command just to get the system back to a half usable state again. These were certainly not systems you wanted to be working on when you had deadlines to meet or had a Ryanair flight to catch but had not yet printed off your boarding card.

Inside the guts of an Apple iMac – new SSD on right hand side


The roots of this problem go back to the way Apple have designed their latest operating systems. MacOS Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave are simply not optimised to run on spinning hard disks (disks pre-installed by Apple when you first bought your system). Instead, the latest versions of MacOS are optimised to run on solid-state disks. These next-generation SSD disks contain no spinning parts and provide an incredible performance boost with disk access times that are up to ten times faster than spinning hard disks.

We disassembled their iMacs, removed their old Seagate spinning hard disks and installed the latest generation of 3D NAND SSDs. We then deployed the latest version of macOS Mojave (10.14.3) and then migrated their old applications and files.


Their iMacs are now flying along. No more “spinning wheels” and no more freezes. The team can now get their workflow done quicker without the stress and the productivity overhead incurred by slow computers.

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