Email is Dead, Long Live Video…

It is estimated that one third of a worker’s day is now spent on email.  So, if you work a 50-hour week, that’s just about 17 hours every week. That’s a lot of time spent on Office365, Gmail, Exchange or whatever flavour email platform you use. The problem with email is that it can become a rather nasty time drain. Just one simple communication can lead to an email thread which grows like a weed and ends up twenty emails deep. Alternatively, you could just set up a Zoom call with the other party but that can be messy too. Both parties have to organise a pre-arranged time. And if several parties are involved, organising a mutually suitable time can become a Herculean task.

So, while email is great for short messages and applications such as Zoom are great for interactive two-way conversations, wouldn’t it be great if there was a half-way house between the two solutions? Because let’s face it, sometimes you want to send an engaging message to someone (like a prospective client for instance) and email is just not up to the task. Likewise, setting up a Zoom call for such a use-case scenario might not be ideal either.

Welcome to the world of video messaging

This is where video messaging applications come into play. Now when most people hear the word “video”, images of lights, high-tech cameras, green screens and post-production suites start popping into their heads. However, with video messaging apps, none of this equipment is needed. You simply open up your video messaging application such as Vidyard or Loom on your phone or computer, click on record, present your message in a no-fuss way and then click on send. Just as if you were sending a voice mail. The video arrives in your recipient’s inbox.

Your communication is no longer centred on text on a screen

Now there will be people thinking “well, that approach is too informal. I’m not using some sort of Tik Tok service for my business”.  However, our experience would suggest otherwise. We have been recommending the video messaging option to many of our clients across a broad range of industry sectors. They love it. And for their clients, this medium has been well received and proven highly effective. More engaging than a boring plain-text email, your communication is no longer centred on typed-out text signed off with a faceless email signature. You become recognisable, approachable and more connected to your interlocutor. It’s almost as if the whole process has become more humanised.

Proven Effectiveness

The US-based video messaging application provider BombBomb conducted a survey of over 500 business users of video messaging. Here is what they found:

81% get more replies and responses

87% get more clicks through their emails.

68% have increased their lead conversion

56% generated more referrals

16% of users doubled their reply rate

In fact, according to a study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, a face-to-face meeting is 34 times more effective than traditional email when it comes to persuading people.

Why send a video message?

Convey nuanced Information more effectively

Communicate complicated, detailed and nuanced information which might be difficult to convey with traditional email. Most video platforms now provide you will the option to present your ideas, problems or solutions on a virtual whiteboard.

Stand out from the competition

You can stand out from your competition by sending your very own personalised introduction to prospective clients while showcasing your products or services.


For remote team members dispersed around the country (or the world), video messaging provides an engaging and more collaborative way to communicate.

Most video messaging platforms allow you to record and track your videos. You can quickly find out which videos are working and which ones could be improved. Moreover, all of the video apps recommended in this blog are GDPR and PCI compliant.

Stop hiding behind email…

So, it’s time to stop hiding behind typed-out text-based emails and show your face. You will build trust; save more time, sell better, collaborate better and will be very pleasantly surprised by the results.  

Video apps we like.




(Most of these are compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS)