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How to save €6000 in broadband costs…

We recently helped a small business owner in Dublin. He was trying to work from his garden office in Clonskeagh but was being hobbled by a poor Wi-Fi connection. His garden office was around 40 metres from his house. He had tried all sorts of wireless boosters and extenders but none of them worked reliably. He contacted his broadband provider. They suggested that a second broadband line would solve his problem. According to the broadband representative the other users in his house would be “using up all the broadband” which they claimed would leave his office with only a meagre broadband supply. However, the prospect of paying for two broadband lines for the next ten years or more was not enticing.

Moreover, the idea that domestic broadband use was somehow going to deplete the supply for his garden office did not make much sense to him. And he was right. Unless his family were covertly receiving real-time geological scans of the Atlantic’s seabed or stereoscopic video feeds from CERN, there was no need for a second broadband line. Our client worked in consulting. The biggest bandwidth load would probably be large PDFs and Zoom calls.

We performed a quick wireless site survey. The speed he was getting at his modem was 350 Mbps. Our solution was to install a CAT6 Poly Poly UTP cable from his broadband modem to his garden office. This cable run was neatly installed along his garden fence. This all-weather resistant cable which means it’s designed to cope with extremes of damp, heat and cold. We terminated the cable in his office using a CAT6 data point. Using this data point, we able to install an enterprise-class access point.

His broadband provider wanted to charge him €50 for the line. The maths on this proposal didn’t work out too favourably. €50 per month over a ten year time span amounts to almost €6000.

The Result

Our client now has a fast, reliable, high-performance and secure (WPA2 AES-256) wireless network. He now has a wireless broadband speed of 348Mbps compared to the 6Mbps he was previously receiving.  He can now connect his iPhone, iPad and laptop seamlessly. He can do Zoom calls without any drops or lags. Wireless nirvana at a fraction of the cost his broadband provider wanted to burden him with. It pays to shop around!