Why you should not be using indigo.ie or eircom.net for your professional email

We are still shocked at the amount of business owners (legal professionals, consultants, etc.) who contact us about with problems with their indigo. IE or eircom.net email address. Whilst we can help these users to get their email fully operational again, using outdated domains such as indigo.ie as a professional email address is wrong for so many reasons!

1) The indigo.ie domain along with iol.ie were one of the first native email providers in Ireland when the internet started to become mainstream (1994 – 2000). (The eircom.net domain coming on stream circa 1999). The email service provided by these domains served a purpose back then for basic email but times have now changed. Most email services now need to support the IMAP protocol, which is needed for email on mobile devices.

2) Domains such as indigo.ie and iol.ie have long since changed hands from their original owners. Their new owners give these email domains only skeleton maintenance and support.

3) Using older domains like indigo.ie means you get very poor server-level spam filtering. This means a time-consuming nuisance to wade emails from Nigerian princes, but it also poses a security risk.

4) Using an indigo.ie or eircom.net email address does not project a professional image for your business.

5) You are at the mercy of their new owners. For example, the current owners of indigo.ie, Eir, might decide to pull the plug on indigo.ie any day leaving you in the lurch.

We can help migrate your business to a more robust and reliable email platform which offers spam-filtering and higher levels of security – contact us today