Storage and File Sharing Solutions

Storage and File Sharing Solutions

Centralised file storage for easy collaboration, using hosted, on-premises and hybrid data storage solutions.

Your data is one of the most important assets that your company holds. It deserves to be handled with care and respect. But for that same data to be useful to your business, it has to be accessible to your team. RealClear IT can help you to identify your data goals and define the right storage platform for your needs.

Hosted Cloud Storage Solution

For maximum data availability and protection, your business can move all of your files to the Cloud by using a hosted Cloud storage solution. All of your files are stored off-site and can be accessed from your PC, tablet or smartphone, whenever you need them and wherever you are.

Contact RealClear IT to learn more about the options available.

Hybrid Storage (hosted and on-premises)

Hybrid storage syncs files from your office to the Cloud by combining the power of the Cloud with your own on-site resources to provide enhanced protection against loss. As a bonus, your team can also access important files when they are out of the road, without asking colleagues to email them spare copies.

The hybrid storage platforms that we both deploy and support for customers include:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox for Business
  • Microsoft OneDrive

Local File Storage Solutions

Your business will always need to keep some data on site, if only to meet your data protection obligations. RealClear IT can help you to decide what data you need to store in house, as well as the best technologies to keep it safe and secure.

Benefits of an on-premises file server

Choosing to store data locally by using a Synology NAS (or similar) will give your business:

  • Simplicity – A NAS server is typically easier to administer than a Windows Small Business server
  • Share Files Effortlessly – Most NAS servers now support Windows and Apple devices, so that your mobile devices can access or upload files seamlessly
  • Easy Expandability – Extra storage capacity can be easily added to your NAS server as your business grows
  • Protection against disk failure – Most NAS devices support RAID functionality, so even if one disks fails, your data should still be intact

Choosing a NAS storage server – some factors to consider

Not all NAS storage servers are the same. You need to consider:

  • Storage capacity – If you intend to store vast quantities of video files, virtual machines or other large files on your NAS, you will probably be looking for a device with at least 4 drive bays that can support disks of up to 4TB
  • Speed – Many NAS devices, just like servers, have their own CPU chip that determines the performance of your device
  • Remote access – Some NAS devices support remote access better than others
  • Operating System Support – If your team uses both Windows and Mac, it is advisable to use a NAS device that supports both operating systems

Mini Case Study – hybrid file sharing and storage solution for a Dublin architect’s firm

We were helping an architectural firm in Ranelagh Dublin 6 with a file sharing problem. Their remote working team used email to share large CAD files. However, CAD files soon started clogging up their inboxes and this was beginning to affect the workflow and performance of the team. They needed a solution that stored files on-premises and in “the Cloud”. They also wanted a system that would be easy to use, could handle exceptionally large files and offered continuous synchronisation.

After analysing their workflow in more detail, our IT Support devised a hybrid solution for them. Now they could store large files locally, which was also synced to the Cloud. This meant that their remote team could easily access and share files without the hassle of email. The continuous synchronisation feature meant that every file was continually updated, so that all the team used a single, accurate copy of each file.



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