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Why Pay for more than you need

We have “X” problem with our IT setup. We’ve done some shopping around and found another IT support company that has offered a solution that works out cheaper than what RealClear quoted?

Some IT support firms work cheaply because they are either just starting out or struggling to find a client base. Some IT support providers pride themselves on their “cheap” prices, rather than offering the best service quality or the best solutions. Their “solutions” seem cheap in the short-term, but after a while the cost of poor quality hardware, half-baked solutions or unresponsive support soon becomes a drag on your business. Over the years, we have seen these “cheap” IT support providers come and go, like ships in the night, often leaving their clients in the lurch. So choose your IT support company wisely.

We have a problem with our network (or computers) and another IT support company has offered to perform a “free assessment”. Can you offer something similar?

RealClear IT support does not offer “free assessments”. From our experience, IT companies that offer such gimmicks invariably find several problems with your network or other areas of your IT set-up and you might end up being oversold to, so tread with extreme care when it comes to “free assessments”.

I have an office at home. Do you offer home IT support in Dublin?

Of course we can help you. We offer our call-out and remote IT support service to those who work at home.

What are your response times like?

We respond to clients between 1 and 3 hours after they first log a call, which rivals even the largest IT support firms across the world.

Myths about IT Support Pricing

Is pay-as-you go pricing really cheaper?

In most cases, pay-as-you go is cheaper because you will only pay for what you actually need. The golden rule of profitable business is to minimise costs to maximise profits, so why pay for an IT support service that you only use every now and then?

Unfortunately, much of the IT support industry likes to think of itself as an insurance provider – you pay them a monthly retainer and they spring into action when you have an IT issue. This is fine, so long as you get your money’s worth. But more often than not, you’re paying ‘just in case’ for something that may never happen.

So you will end up paying month after month for the peace of mind that comes with knowing an IT support company will help you out if you are ever badly stuck. In reality, a quality IT support company should be able to do this anyway and for a reasonable cost. For a business of less than five employees, pay-as-you go is nearly always cheaper.

We offer an up-front pricing policy, where you always know exactly how much you’ll be paying. We are one of the few IT support businesses in Dublin that publishes a pricelist.

But don’t customers that are signed up to a maintenance contract get a quicker service?

Most of our new customers have previously been on maintenance contracts with other providers and have found the response times for on-site and remote IT support less than satisfactory. Our client feedback suggests there is no correlation between fast response times and the signing of a maintenance contract.

But don’t maintenance contracts mean that your IT spend is more predictable?

No. Most IT support companies offer IT maintenance contracts that have clauses, which mean you have to pay extra for emergency IT support or after-hours IT support. Moreover, in many cases, hardware replacement costs are not included.

But doesn’t having pay-as-you-go IT support mean that my service quality will be compromised?

Far from it. We believe that maintenance contracts encourage complacency. A quality IT support firm should be able to offer you a quality, timely and proactive IT support service without tying you to a contract.

But don’t pay-as-you go IT support providers have a vested interest in IT systems breaking down?

Maybe the short-sighted ones do, but every technical support call that we answer begins with ‘root cause analysis’ – identifying and fixing the underlying issue that caused the problem, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Rather than simply treating the symptoms of the problem (as many less conscientious providers do), our engineers develop permanent solutions.

For us this means delighted customers and has resulted in a virtuous circle where most of our new customers come from word-of-mouth recommendations. Partnering with RealClear allows you to exit the vicious break-fix cycle because we make sure that every problem is properly resolved.

So you actually make fewer support calls in the long term, saving you money.



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