How to Log into

One of the great internet success stories of how Irish businesses interact with government is the Revenue Online Service (ROS). With ROS fully functioning on your computer you should be able to file your tax returns with speed and ease.

Logging in to

Here is a quick checklist to make sure you can get it going smoothly:

1)     Make sure you have the ROS certificates installed. These are two small files usually located on your C:\ ROS\Roscerts. For Mac users, go to <YOUR_USERNAME>/ROS/Roscerts. If you do not  have a ROS cert – contact the ROS Helpdesk.

2)     Clean your browser cache.

3)     You must have JAVA  installed. Click this link to see if your Java is up-to-date.

4)     Sometimes you will notice that Jave is indeed intalled on your PC but you still cannot logon to ROS. If this is the case make sure JAVA is enabled.

For Windows: Go to Start> Control Panel > Java

For Mac: Open Applications > Utilities > Java Perferences. Make sure that

“Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications” is ticked.

5)     If JAVA seems to be installed and enabled but is still not working. It might

have gone corrupt and you might need to uninstall it via the Control Panel.

6)     However, some of our users have reported that even when they try to uninstall JAVA, they receive an error message and cannot uninstall it. In this case, I recommend this FixIt utility from Microsoft which has helped users to successfully remove JAVA.

Run this utility and then retry uninstalling JAVA. Once removed, get your new version of JAVA from here:

7)     One you have the older version of JAVA removed, you should be now able to

Install the newer version and successfully login to ROS.