iMacs and MacBooks disconnecting from Virgin Media wireless network (Thomson TWG870 router) after sleep mode

Computer systems disconnecting from WiFi when trying to get some important work done can make for an extremely exasperating experience.
We recently helped a Dublin advertising agency with such a problem. Their iMacs and MacBooks would stay connected to their Virgin Media Thomson TWG870 WiFi router for hours. But as soon as their Macs went into sleep mode and transitioned to “normal” mode, the operating system would wake up but not the wireless connection leaving users in the office frustrated and cursing like sailors. Unfortunately, this is a glitch in many versions of OS X (10.8 – 10.12) which Apple have still not remedied successfully. However, in most cases, the solution is nice and simple.

This problem occurs because OS X seems to “forget” which wireless connection it had established before going into sleep mode. For example, there might be four of five wireless networks such as “hotel wifi”, “meeting room wifi”, “guest wifi” etc. stored in the network settings but upon waking from sleep mode OS X does not know which one to connect to. To remedy this, go to System Preferences > Network > WiFi > Advanced. Then go to the “Preferred Networks” panel and delete all networks listed here using the “-“ button, followed by “ok”.

Now go back into the Network panel and click on “Locations” followed by “Edit”. Click on the “+” and give your network location a new name like “New Office Network”. Click on “Done” followed by “Apply”. This helps to “lock in” a wireless network to your iMac or MacBook meaning that next time it goes into sleep mode it will not lose its wireless connection upon waking.

On follow-up a week later, all users were relieved to have a robust wireless connection. They could continue their work uninterrupted by internet blackouts or by swearing colleagues.

If you’re having wireless network problems with your Apple Mac in Dublin, RealClear are here to help. We work with most wireless networks including those from Virgin Media, Eir, Three, Vodafone and Magnet. You can contact RealClear on 01- 685 4833.